The Service

Insika primarily extends its service and product offering to the retirement fund and insurance industry across two business lines namely Retirement Consulting and Investment Advisory.

Retirement Consulting

Insika prides itself on being the first company in Swaziland to exclusively offer independent retirement consulting and advisory services in all aspects related to the effective management of retirement funds, be it pension, provident, beneficiary and retirement annuity funds.

The most critical factor in the delivery of the service is the company’s ability to make the most out of the unique offering of providing a distinct and independent retirement consulting service.  In addition, the company is able to draw on the wealth of experience and industry related knowledge of the team of professionals to gain market share.

Insika’s business model is positioned to capitalise on the requirement for retirement funds to adopt good governance practices when engaging service providers. Key in good governance, is that any expert advice obtained is independently given, which is one of the core values of the company.

Furthermore, the FSRA Governance Guidelines for Retirement Funds (FSRA Guidelines), first issued by the FSRA in 2009 and updated in 2014, encourage retirement funds to provide for the clear identification and separation of roles in the operations of retirement funds. This objective can only be achieved by retirement funds adopting structures where the roles and services are distinguishable.

Investment Advisory

Critical factors in the delivery of Insika’s investment advisory service are technical expertise and experience in, but not limited to the following areas; investment consulting, asset management, corporate finance, structured finance, and other supplementary services. 

While the local team at Insika has practical experience and proficiency in the aforementioned areas, the company is able to enhance its service offering by having access to highly skilled professionals within the specialist areas of investment banking services through a strategic alliance.